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Jorge De la Vega Dominguez Edit Profile

Government official

Jorge De la Vega Dominguez, Mexican government official. Member Mexico's College Economists (former president).


Dominguez, Jorge De la Vega was born in 1931 in Comitán, Chiapas, Mexico.


Degree in Economic, National Autonomous University Mexico.


With Ministry of Economy, Mexico, 1949-1955. Professor economy theory, public financing, and economy problems of Mexico National Polytechnic Institute, Mexico, 1957-1965, director economy faculty Mexico, 1963-1965. Former chairman Bank for Retail Trade, Tampico, Mexico, former deputy director Mexico City, Mexico, Diesel National, South America, Mexico.

Former chief department public spending Ministry of the Presidency, Mexico. Former deputy XLV Legislation, Mexico. Sales manager National Company Popular Foodstuffs, Mexico.

General director Institute Political, Economic, and Social Studies, Institutional Revolutionary Party, Mexico. Former general director National Company Popular Foodstuffs, Mexico. Former governor State of Chiapas, Mexico.

Former secretary commerce Mexico. Former general coordinator National Commission Nourishing and Foodstuffs, Mexico. Former general coordinator regional programs Ministry Agriculture and Hydraulic Resources, Mexico.

Now president national executive committee Institutional Revolutionary Party, Mexico.


Member Mexico's College Economists (former president).