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Julia Sanderson Edit Profile

Actress , singer

Julia Sanderson, American actress, singer.


Sanderson, Julia was born on August 22, 1887 in Springfield, Massachusetts, United States. Daughter of Albert and Jeanette E. Sackett.


Educated schools of Springfield and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Commander Bradford Barnette, June 6, 1917. Married 3d, Frank Crumit, July 1, 1927 (deceased). Debut with Forepaugh Stock Company, Philadelphia, continuing there 1 year.

Appeared in “Winsome Winnie,” at the Casino, New York, 1902, later as Mistress Pineapple, in “A Chinese Honeymoon”. Played with De Wolf Hopper as Mataya, in “Wang,” at Lyric Theatre, New York, 1904. Made brief tour in vaudeville, 1907.

Appeared in “The Honorable Phil,” in London, England., later with J. P. Huntley in mus. comedy, at New Amsterdam Theatre, New York. As Aileen Cavanagh, in “The Arcadians,” Liberty Theatre, New York, 1910. As Dora Dale, in “The Sunshine Girl,” in leading cities of the United States.

Appeared in “The Girl from Utah,” mus. comedy, Chicago, 1915. Starred with The Sybil Company, 1916-1917. Appeared in “Rambler Rose,” 1916-1918, “The Canary,” 1918-1920, “Hitchy Koo,” 1920-1921, “Tangerine,” 1921-1923, “Ziegfeld Follies,” 1923, “Moonlight.” 1923, “No, No, Nanette,” 1925-1926, “Queen High,” 1926-1927, “Oh Kay,” 1927-1928.

Radio broadcaster since 1927. Home: Longmeadow Mass.


Married “Tod” Sloan, September 1, 1907. Married second, Lieutenant.; married 3d, Frank Crumit, July 1, 1927 (deceased).

Albert Sackett

Jeanette E. Sackett

“Tod” Sloan


Frank Crumit