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Kay Christine Lesley PATTERSON


Kay Christine Lesley PATTERSON, Australian Senator. member, Australian Psychological Society; member. Monash University Council, since 1978; member. State Council of Girl Guides Association of Victoria, since 1974.


PATTERSON, Kay Christine Lesley was born on November 21, 1944 in Sydney, NSW, Australia.


Sydney; Bachelor of Arts (Honours), Monash. Doctor of Philosophy, Diploma in Education.


Hawthorn West Branch Delegate, Liberal Party State Council, 1985-1987. Membership officer, 1985-1987. Member Hawthorn and East Yarra Province Electorate Committee, 1985-1987.

Member of a number of Policy and Advisory Committees of Liberal Party. Vice-President Liberal Party State Council, 1986-1987. Elected to Senate for Victoria, since 1987.

Committee Service: Member of the Senate Standing Committee for Scrutiny of Bills, since 1987. Member of the Senate Legislative and General Purpose Standing Committee for Employment, Education and Training, since 1987. Professional career: small business secretary and office manager, 1961-1964.

Tutor, Faculty of Education, University of Sydney, 1970. Senior tutor, Psychology Department, Monash University, 1974-1976. Lecturer, 1977-1983, Senior lecturer, 1983-1985.

Principal lecturer and Chairpersonperson, 1986-1987, at the School of Behavioural Sciences, Lincoln Institute of Health Sciences. Kellog Travelling Fellow and Visiting Fellow, Institute of Gerontology, University, of Michigan. Visiting Scholar, Gerontology Centre, Pennsylvania State University, 1985.

Member State Executive of Girl Guides Association of Victoria, 1974-1985.


Member, Australian Psychological Society. Member. Monash University Council, since 1978. Member. State Council of Girl Guides Association of Victoria, since 1974.