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Konstantin Dmitrievich Balmont


Konstantin Balmont, USSR Poet.


Balmont, Konstantin was born on June 16, 1867 in the village of Gumnishchi, Vladimir Gouvernement. Son of a landowner.


Studied at Moscow University, expelled for revolutionary activity, 1887.


Started to write verse in the narodnik vein, 1890, but soon became an early and most influential symbolist poet, 1895, especially with the book Budem, Как Solnise, 1903. Gained a very fashionable reputation with his extremely sonorous and exotic verse. At one time the most popular poet in Russia.

Travelled around the world, translated poetry from many languages into Russian. After the revolution emigrated, 1920, settled in France. Continued to write and publish verse, but gradually lost his popularity.

Now remembered more as a facile versifier, than as a true poet, though some of his later work in exile rings with true suffering and deep emotion.