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Konstantin Konstantinovich ROKOSSOVSKY

Marshal of the Soviet Union since 1944

Konstantin ROKOSSOVSKY, USSR Marshal of the Soviet Union since 1944. USSR Deputy Minister of Defense since 1958; candidate member of the Central Committee, Communist Party of the Soviet Union, since 1961. twice Hero of Soviet Union; five Order of Lenin; Order of Victory; Higher Military Order of Sukhe-Bator, Mongolia many other Soviet orders and medals; Order of "Builder of People’s Poland” (highest Polish award).


ROKOSSOVSKY, Konstantin was born in 1896 in Velikie Luki.


1929 graduated Advanced Officers’ Training Courses, Frunze Military Academy.


1912-1914stonemason; 1914-1918 drafted into Russia Army and by end of World War I was non-commissioned officer, 5th Dragoon Regiment. 1918-1920 in Red Guard, commanding troop and cavalry regiment in Siberia, Far East and Mongolia against Kolchak, Semenov and Ungem-Shtemberg. 1920-1929 held various commands in Red Army, then commanded special cavalry brigade in fighting along Chinese Eastern Railroad.

1930-1937commanded division in Far East, commanded corps in Leningrad Military District and again in Far East. 1937-1938 imprisoned, but then released and reinstated. 1938-1939 commanded motorized corps in occupation of Poland, then until World War II commanded large units.

1941-1942 Commander, 16th Army, in defense of Moscow, later commanded troops on Bryansk, Don, Central and Belarusian Fronts and First and Second Belarusian Fronts. Led operations at: Stalingrad 1942-1943, Kursk 1943, Belarusian 1944, East Prussia and Pomerania 1945. 1945-1949 Commander, northern Soviet occupation forces in Poland and Koenigsberg area.

1949 sent to Poland, where until 1956 he was Chairman, Polish Council of Ministers, and Polish Minister of National Defense, with title Marshal of Poland. Expelled from Poland when Gomulka came to power. Returned to USSR, where he reassumed Soviet citizenship.

1956-1958 USSR Deputy Minister of Defense. 1957-1958 Commander, Transcaucasian Military District. 1949-1956 Political Bureau member of the Central Committee, Polish Workers’ Party, and Deputy, Sejm.

Deputy, USSR Supreme Soviet of 1958 convocation.


Member, Communist Party, since 1919.


Member, Communist Party, since 1919.