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Laszlo RAJK

Member of the National Assembly

Laszlo RAJK, Hungarian Member of the National Assembly.


RAJK, Laszlo was born on January 26, 1949 in Budapest, Hungary. Parents: the late Laszlo Rajk and Julianna Rajk (née Fôldi).


Faculty of Architecture, Budapest Technical University, Diploma, 1972, Post Graduate, 1979-1981. McGill University, Montreal, Master of Arts. 1978; spoken languages: Hungarian, English, French, Spanish.


Member. Network of Free Initiatives, 1988. Member, since 1988, Member of Executive Committee, 1988-1991, Member of National Council, 1991, AFD. Member of Parliament, since 1990.

Member Parliamentary Committee on Culture, since 1990. Architect, since 1972. Co-editor, Bachelor of Arts Publishing House, 1981-1990.

Owner, Nana Architectural Office.


  • Other Interests

    Ski, squash; culture, foreign affairs, media rights, minority rights.


Spouse Judit Kerek-Rajk (née Kerek), 1990.