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Margarita Iosifovna ALIGER

poetess , Russ

Margarita ALIGER, Russ, poetess. Real name: MAKAROVA. Board, Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic Union of Writers, since 1958 and USSR Union of Writers, since 1959. Badge of Honor; Stalin Prize, 1943. Order of Red Banner of Labour 1965; Order of Friendship of the Peoples 1975. Member, Communist Party, since 1942.


ALIGER, Margarita was born on October 7, 1915 in Odessa.


Graduated Moscow Chemistry Technicum. 1937 graduated Gorky Lit. Institute, USSR Union of Writers.


Until World War II librarian and literature contributor to factory newspaper. During World War II member, edition staff, USSR Air Force organ “Stalinsky sokol” and army newspaper. Her work often censured for lack of optimism.


  • Year of Birth 1938, The Railway 1939, Stones and Grasses 1940, To the Memory of the Brave 1942, Zoya 1942, Lyrics 1943, Your Victory 1946, Selected Poems 1947, A Tale of Truth 1947, First Thunder 1947, First Signs 1948, The Lenin Hills 1953, The Beautiful Meteha-River 1953, Man on His Way 1954, Lyrics 1955, From a Notebook 1957, Lyrics and Poems 1959, A Few Steps 1964, Poetry 1967, The Blue Hour 1970, Poems in 2 vols. 1970, Verse and Prose (2 vols.) 1975. Essays: Chilean Summer 1965, Return to Chile 1966.Translated poems of Aragon, Pablo Neruda, Bagriana, etc. 1968, A Path Through the Rye, Essays and Memoirs 1980, Quarter of a Century Poetry 1981.


Member, Communist Party, since 1942.


Member, Communist Party, since 1942.


Married Konstantin Makarov-Rakitin 1936 (died in 1941).

Konstantin Makarov-Rakitin