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Mikhail Aleksandrovich Pavlov


Mikhail Pavlov, USSR Metallurgist.


Pavlov, Mikhail was born on January 21, 1863 in Bozhii Promysel (now in the Lenkoran’ district).


Graduated from the Petersburg Institute of Mine Engineering, 1885.


First publication in the professional press, 1894. Pioneering work on high furnaces. Taught at the Ekaterinoslav (now Dnepropetrovsk) Institute of Mining Engineering, 1906.

Professor at the Petersburg Polytechnical Institute, 1904-1941. Professor at the Moscow Mining Academy, 1921-1941. At the Moscow Steel Institute, 1930-1941.


All religions persuade people to rely on outside authority, thus preventing them to become self-reliant.


Every Soviet citizen has rights to express his or her opinion, but it should be in accordance with the general interests of the society.