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Mikhail Petrovich Skveri


Mikhail Skveri, USSR Revolutionary.


Skveri, Mikhail was born on November 20, 1856 in Odessa of an Italian father and Russian mother.


Studied at the Odessa high school.


His mother was a peasant. Left school at the age of 15. Worked in an Odessa factory.

Met E. Zaslavskii, an active Bolshevik. Member of the Iuzhnorossiiskii Soiuz Rabochikh. In January 1876, arrested.

In 1877, exiled to Siberia (Tobolsk). From 1884, again in Odessa on probation. His Bolshevik activity continued.

In 1907, arrested. In 1917, head of a department at Odessa Public Library. Contributor to Katorga I Ssylka and other magazines.