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Nikolai Sudzilovsky-Russel Edit Profile

also known as Cauca Luchini

chemist , Philosopher , physicist , naturalists

Nikolai Sudzilovsky was a revolutionary and scientist; one of the organisers of the socialist movement in Romania; author of several works on medicine and sociology and was member of the American Genetics Society.


Sudzilovsky was born in a noble family in Mogilev, Belarus.


Studying in high school (1864-1868 gg.) Did not satisfy him, but this time he became acquainted with the works of their "teachers" : NG Chernyshevsky, N. Dobrolyubov, DI Pisarev and A. Herzen. The rest of the schools considered Sudzilovskaia Tsarist Russia, "a police drill tools, incubators bureaucracy" , where the heads of people clog the various "metaphysical, linguistic and theological" trash.

In autumn 1868 in St. Petersburg renewed student unrest caused by the publication of the rules which puts students at increased control of the authorities and the police. Along with the graduates of the University Institute of Technology and the Medico-Surgical Academy freshman Nicholas Sudzilovskaia organize rallies and participates in the development of requirements that will be rejected III office.

July 5, 1869 Sudzilovskaia was forced to transfer to the Medical Faculty of the University of Kiev, as the trained participants in riots in other schools was prohibited.

In 1873-1874 was one of the organizers of the "community of Kiev" ("Kiev communes") - a socialist student organization. Nurse sitting in a prison hospital in Nikolaevsk, Sudzilovskaia tried to arrange an escape of prisoners. When his plan was discovered, he fled and escaped from Russia.


He is a pioneer cells Roussel, named in his honor.

He discovered several islands of the central Pacific, leaving valuable geographical descriptions of Hawaii and the Philippines.

Sudzilovskaia was also a member of the American Society of Geneticists, several scientific societies in Japan and China. He studied ethnography, entomology, chemistry, biology, agronomy.

"Newest Philosophical Dictionary" calls Sudzilovskaia Nicholas' first and last of the XX century lexicographer. "


Conducted revolutionary propaganda among the Russian troops during the Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878. Collaborated in a foreign newspaper, PL Lavrov, "Forward!", Later participated in the delivery of Russian editions of the "Emancipation of Labour". For his subversive activities Romanian government expelled him from the country.


  • Writers

    N. G.Chernyshevsky, N.A.Dobrolyubov, D.I.Pisarev and A.I.Herzen

  • Other Interests

    Owned 8 European, Chinese and Japanese languages.

    Nikolay Sudzilovsky was the doctor, he posesses some valuable works on medicine.

    He was the pioneer of little bodies of Russelja named in its honour.

    He opened a number of islands of the central part of Pacific ocean, left valuable geographical descriptions of Hawaii and Philippines.

    Sudzilovsky was also a member of the American society geneticises, several scientific organisations of Japan and China. He was engaged in ethnography, chemistry, biology, agronomics.

    «The newest philosophical dictionary» named Nikolay Sudzilovsky «the first and last Encyclopaedist of the XX-th century».