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Omar Nelson Bradley

army officer , Watch company executive

Omar Nelson Bradley, American army officer, watch company executive. Member Christian Church; Mason.


Bradley, Omar Nelson was born on February 12, 1893 in Clark, Missouri, United States. Son of John Smith and Sarah E. (Hubbard) Bradley.


Bachelor of Science, United States Military Academy, 1915. Graduate Infantry School (advance course), 1925, Command and General staff schedul, 1929, Army War College, 1934. Doctor of Laws, University Missouri, Drury College, 1946, University of Illinois, Harvard University, Dartmouth College, Northwestern University, New York University, 1947, Princeton University, University of Wisconsin, University of California, 1948, Columbia University, Hamilton College, Trinity College, 1949, Texas A. and M. College, 1950, Cambridge (England) University, U. Pittsburgh, 1951, U. Akron, 1956, Texas Christian U., 1972.

Doctor of Science, St. Johns U., 1946, Lafayette College, 1949. Doctor Humanities, Birmingham-Southern College, 1947. D. England, Rensselaer Poly Institute, 1950.

Doctor International Law, Pennsylvania Military College, 1951. Doctor Military Science Norwich U., 1952. Doctor of Humane Letters, Long Island U., 1961.


Commissioned Second lieutenant, infantry, United States Army, 1915, advanced through grades to general, 1945, general of the Army, since 1950. Commanding general 2d corps, Northern Tunisian campaign, 1943, Sicilian campaign, 1943, 1st United States Army, Normandy campaign, 1944, 12th Army Group, France, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Germany campaigns, 1944-1945.

Administrator veterans affairs, 1945-1947. Chief of staff, United States Army, 1948-1949. Chairman United States Joint Chiefs Staff, 1949-1953.

Chairman of the Board Bulova Watch, 1958-1973, honorary Chairman of the Board, since 1973. Chairman Bulova School Watch Making. United States representative standing group, military committee North Atlantic Treaty Organization, 1949-1953.


  • Promoted to the rank of lieutenant general, Bradley commanded the Second Corps in the invasion of Sicily, after which he was transferred to England and appointed commander in chief of the American ground forces which were to participate in the invasion of western Europe in 1944. He led the First Army in the invasion of Normandy, and planned the breakthrough at St. Lo, which precipitated the defeat of the enemy. He was placed in command of the Allied Twelfth Army Group in western Europe in August 1944, and led it successfully in the operations that culminated in the final German defeat.

    He was promoted to the temporary rank of general in March 1945, and in 1948 succeeded General Dwight D. Eisenhower as Chief of Staff of the Army. In 1949 Bradley was appointed to the permanent rank of general and in 1950 to general of the army. In August 1949 he was appointed to the newly created chairmanship of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for a term of two years. He was reappointed to the chairmanship in August 1951, serving until May 1953, when he was succeeded by Admiral Arthur W. Radford.


  • Other Work

    • A Soldier's Story


Member Christian Church. Mason.; Clubs: Army and Navy, Burning Tree (Washington).


Married Mary Quayle, December 28, 1916 (deceased.; married second, Kitty Buhler, September 12, 1966.

John Smith Bradley

Sarah E. (Hubbard) Bradley

Mary Quayle

Kitty Buhler