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Poul William Anderson Edit Profile

also known as A. A. Craig, Michael Karageorge, Winston P. Sanders, P. A. Kingsley


Poul Anderson was an American science fiction author who also authored several works of fantasy, historical novels, and a prodigious number of short stories.




Earthman's Burden (1957) with Gordon R. Dickson

Star Prince Charlie (1975) with Gordon R. Dickson

Hoka! (1983) with Gordon R. Dickson

The Psychotechnic League

Star Ways (also known as The Peregrine) (1956)

The Snows of Ganymede (1958)

Virgin Planet (1959)

The Psychotechnic League (1981)

Cold Victory (1982)

Starship (1982)

Tomorrow's Children

Tomorrow's Children (1947) with F. N. Waldrop

Chain of Logic (1947)

Flandry of Terra (1965), collects:

"The Game of Glory" (1958)

"A Message in Secret" (also known as Mayday Orbit) (1959)

"The Plague of Masters" (also known as "A Plague of Masters" and Earthman, Go Home!) (1960)

The Long Night (features a Dark Age after Flandry's era) (1983), collects:

"The Star Plunderer" (1952)

"Outpost of Empire" (1967)

"A Tragedy of Errors" (1967)

"The Sharing of Flesh" (1968) (Hugo, Nebula)

"Starfog" (1967)

Technic Civilization Saga:

The Van Rijn Method (2008), collects:

"The Saturn Game" (1981)

"Wings of Victory" (1972)

"The Problem of Pain" (1973)

"Margin of Profit" (1956)

"How to Be Ethnic in One Easy Lesson" (1974)

"The Three-Cornered Wheel" (1963)

"A Sun Invisible" (1966)

"The Season of Forgiveness" (1973)

"The Man Who Counts" (1958)

"Esau" (also known as "Birthright") (1970)

"Hiding Place" (1961)

Young Flandry (2010), collects:

Ensign Flandry (1966)

A Circus of Hells (1970)

The Rebel Worlds (1969)

Captain Flandry: Defender of the Terran Empire (2010), collects:

"Outpost of Empire" (1967)

The Day of Their Return (1975)

"Tiger by the Tail" (1951)

"Honorable Enemies" (1951)

"The Game of Glory" (1957)

"A Message in Secret" (1959)

Sir Dominic Flandry: The Last Knight of Terra (2010), collects:

"The Warriors From Nowhere" (1954)

"Hunters of the Sky Cave" (also known as "A Handful of Stars" and We Claim These Stars) (1959)

"The Plague of Masters" (also known as "A Plague of Masters" and Earthman, Go Home!) (1960)

"A Knight of Ghosts and Shadows" (1974)

Harvest of Stars

Harvest of Stars (1993)

The Stars Are Also Fire (1994) (Prometheus Award)

Harvest the Fire (1995)

The Fleet of Stars (1997)


Flight to Forever (1950)

Vault of the Ages (1952)

Brain Wave (1954)

Question and Answer (also known as Planet of No Return) (1954)

No World of Their Own (1955)

The Long Way Home (1958)

Perish by the Sword (1959)

War of Two Worlds (1959)

The Enemy Stars (also known as "'We have fed our sea—'")

Murder in Black Letter (1960)

Twilight World (1961)

After Doomsday (1962)

The Makeshift Rocket (1962) (expansion of "A Bicycle Built for Brew")

Murder Bound (1962)

Shield (1963)

Three Worlds to Conquer (1964)

The Corridors of Time (1965)


  • Anderson was the sixth President of Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, taking office in 1972.

    He was a founding member of the Society for Creative Anachronism.


  • Sci. Fiction Writers American (president 1972-73)

    1972 - 1973

  • Baker St. Irregulars.


Anton Anderson - Engineer

Karen Kruse

They married to each other in 1953.


She is married to science fiction author Greg Bear.