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Prof. Ing. Rudolf FILKUS

prime minister

Prof. Ing. Rudolf FILKUS, Slovak First Deputy Prime Minister and Federal Minister of Economic Control. university professor, 1991.


FILKUS, Prof. Ing. Rudolf was born on September 2, 1927 in Bratislava. Czechoslovakia. Parents: Josef Filkus and Maria Filkusovâ (née Simkovâ).


College of economics, Bratislava, Diploma, 1950. Research student’s post of Slovak Academy of Sciences, CSc., 1962. Docent, 1967; spoken languages: slovak,german.english,russian,hungarian, polish.


Ministry of Economic Strategy of Slovak Republic, 1990. First Deputy Prime Minister and Federation Minister of Control. Chairman of Council, Movement for a Democratic Slovakia.

First Deputy Prime Minister and Federal Minister of Economic Control, since 1992. Calculator, 1946-1947. Accounter, 1947-1949.

Planner, chemical works, 1949-1951. Economic Institute,SAS, research worker, 1953-1971. Price research inst., research worker, 1972-1989.

Economic Institut, of SAS, research worker, 1989-1990.


  • Probleme der Preis und Währnugsreformen in den Lander Osteuropas, Wirtschaftspolitik, 1990. Centrum nie je iba Stat, 1992.


Roman Catholic.


  • Other Interests

    Development and stability of the political structure in the transformation process of countries passing from totalitarian to democratic regimes.


Spouse Maria Filkusovâ (née Trâvnickovâ), 1974. Children: Silvia, Bronislava, Romana.