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Reingold Moritsevich Glier

composer , conductor

Reingold Glier, USSR Composer, conductor.


Glier, Reingold was born on January 11, 1875 in Kiev.


Graduated from the Moscow Conservatory, 1900, under M. Ippolitov-Ivanov. Studied conducting with O. Fried in Germany, 1906-1908.


Began composing at the age of 13. Conductor and Professor of Composition at the Kiev Conservatory, 1913-1920. Professor at the Moscow Conservatory, 1920-1941 (class of composition).

Wrote the music for the opera Shakhsenem 1927, and the ballets Krasnyi Mak, 1927, Mednyi Vsadnik, 1949, and Taras Bulba, 1952. Also taught at the Gnesin Music School.