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Roland Anatol’evich Bykov

actor , director

Roland Bykov, USSR Actor, director.


Bykov, Roland was born on November 12, 1929.


Graduated from the Shchukin Drama School, 1958.


Acted at the Moscow Young Spectators’ Theatre. Chief Director at the Leningrad Komsomol Theatre, 1958-1960. First film at Kiev Film Studios, 1956.

Became famous in The Overcoat (after N. Gogol’s story, directed by Aleksei Batalov in 1960, Lenfilm). Directed and played in Aibolit-66 (Mosfilm, 1966). First noted drama part in A. Tarkovskii’s Andrei Rublev, 1970, in the role of the iurodivyi (God’s fool).

Other films: Chuchelo (Scarecrow, 1983, as director), and Letters of a Dead Man (Lenfilm, 1986, as actor, directed by K. Lopushanskii).