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Samuel Barron Edit Profile

Naval officer

Samuel Barron, American naval officer.


Barron, Samuel was born on November 28, 1809 in Hampton, Virginia, United States. Son of Samuel and Jane (Sawyer) Barron.


No formal education.


Appointed midshipman United States Navy at age 3 (as a tribute to his father, Commodore Barron), 1812. Made 1st voyage in Brandywine which took Lafayette to France, 1825. Commander ship John Adams off coast of Africa, 1849-1853.

Promoted captain, 1855. Resigned to join Confederate Navy, 1861. Chief Bureau Orders and Detail, Confederate Navy, 1861.

Commanded Fort Hatteras, imprisoned after its capture, 1861-1862, commander naval forces in Virginia, 1862-1863. Went to England to secure delivery of 2 ironclad rams, 1863. Commander Confederate naval forces in Europe, supervised operations of the raiders Stonewall and Georgia, 1863-1865.

Resigned 1865.


Married Imogen Wright, October 31, 1832, 3 sons, 3 daus.

Samuel Barron

Jane (Sawyer) Barron

Imogen Wright