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Semen Alekseevich Lavochkin


Semen Lavochkin, USSR Aircraft designer. Educated at the Moscow Higher Technical School, 1927. Worked in aircraft design offices from 1929. Since the mid-1930s, chief designer. Designed the Laseries of Soviet fighter planes.


Lavochkin, Semen was born in 1900.


Educated at the Moscow Higher Technical School, 1927.


Lavr, Archbishop of Holy Trinity and Syracuse1922?-. Russian Orthodox clergyman. Carpatho-Russian in origin. Secretary of the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church in Exile.

Head of the St. Trinity monastery in Jordanville, USA, the main centre of the Russian Church in Exile, comprising, apart from the monastery, a seminary, a publishing house of religious literature, an icon painting shop, and a museum with some valuable collections of the Russian emigration including the archive of the prerevolutionary lawyers’ society, and archives and museums of some regiments of the Russian Imperial Army.