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Shivappa B Halligudi Edit Profile

also known as Shiva

chemist , researcher

Shivappa B. Halligudi, Indian chemist, researcher. Life Member Catalysis Society India (joint secretary),

Dr.S.B.Halligudi, Emeritus Scientist (Rtd), CSIR-NCL, Pune

Dr.S. B. Halligudi, Member of the Editorial Board of "Catalysis Communications"


Halligudi, Shivappa was born on June 18, 1948 in Chikkawaddatti (Gadag District of Karnatak), India. Son of Basappa and Parvatamma .


Bachelor of Science, J.T. College, Gadag, India, 1969. Master of Science, Karnatak University, Dharawad, India, 1972. Doctor of Philosophy, National Chemical Laboratory, Pune, India, 1983.


Lecturer L.V.D. College, Raichur, India, 1972-1978. Teacher fellow National Chemical Laboratory, Pune, 1978-1983, scientist, since 1998, CSMCRI, Bhavnagar, India, since 1983. Reviewer Indian Journal Chemical Technology, New Delhi, 1996, BNRS Projects, Bombay, 1998.

Principal Investigator, DST-Russia, 1989-1998

Principal Investigator MNES, New Delhi, 1998.

Principal Investigator DST, New Delhi, 2000-2008

Principal Investigator, DST-DAAD Germany, 2000-2004

Principal Investigator, DST-South Africa, 2004-2008


  •  Spearheaded development of Catalysts for Carbonylation of Aromatic Nitro Compounds to Isocyanates or Urethanes and Hydroformylation of Propylene to Butyraldehyde and n-hexene to n-heptaldehyde. Involved in analysing hydrogenation and hydrodechlorination reactions for pollution abetment. Essayed a vital role in the development of:-

    o A bench scale process for 4, 6-diaminoresorcinol dihydrochloride a monomer in making high temperature resistant thermoplastic.

    o Solid acid catalysts such as Zirconia and Titania supported Hetropoly Acid for Acid catalyzed transformations that resulted in cost effective processes.

    o Process for 4-MAP (4-methoxyacetophenone) using H-Beta catalyst for use in Para Acetomol drug synthesis.

    o Selective oxidation catalysts for saturated Aromatic Hydrocarbons based on Vanadium substituted inorganic and organic coordination polymers.

    o Catalyst systems for Biodesiel via transesterification of vegetable oils (sunflower, mustard, sesame oils).

    o Solid Acid Catalysts for the synthesis of Phenolphthalein (GE, Bangalore).

    o New Catalysts for Hydrogenation of Bio-butyric Acid to Bio-butanol.

     Contributed towards:-

    o Transition metal complexes encapsulation in zeolites and anchoring to mesoporous materials like MCM-41 and SBA-15 and used as catalyst for organic transformations; utilised Clay based catalysts for hydroamination reactions to get imines.

     Conducted a study on the Application of Ionic Liquids as Acid Catalysts and Green Solvents for Organic Reactions and Asymmetric Catalysis.

     Took steps to control the drug release through Polymer Membranes containing Mesoporous Silica Matrices.

     Carried out the hydrogenation of aromatic ketones to corresponding alcohols using asymmetric catalysis to get enantioselective (ee) rich compounds for drugs applications.

     Analysed the Non-phosgene route for the synthesis of methyl phenyl carbamate using ordered AlSBA-15 catalyst.

     Performed:-

    o Selective Dehydration of Bio-methyl Lactate to Bio-acrylic Acid.

    o Selective Hydrogenation of Biomass derived Carboxylic Acids to value added Bio-chemicals (Butyric Acid to Butanol).

     Analysed:-

    o Metal Organic Framework (MOF) materials for gas storage applications and catalysis.

    o Trimerization of Isobutene over WOx/ZrO2 catalyst with a high selectivity for Trimer.


  • Other Work

    • Contributor over 40 articles to professional journals.


Support progressive secular party in India


Member Catalysis Society India.

Member of National Academy of Sciences, Alahabad, India

member of Editorial Board of "Catalysis Communications"

  • Continued...

    Life Member, National Academy of Sciences , Alhabad



Smart handsome good looking

"Awake and arise stop not till the goal is reached"


  • Other Interests

    Languages, computations, classical music, art and environment protection.


Married Sunita on February 9, 1981. Children: Subodh and Madhuri.




Subodh - businessman , Sports person
Subodh  - child of Shivappa Halligudi

Madhuri Halligudi