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Thomas Pickett Magruder Edit Profile

Naval officer

Thomas Pickett Magruder, American naval officer. Awarded Distinguished Service Medal (United States); Commander Legion of Honor (France); Commenda Mauriziana (Italy).


Magruder, Thomas Pickett was born on November 29, 1867 in Yazoo County, Mississippi, United States. Son of Lawson William and Jessie M. (Kilpatrick) Magruder.


Graduated from the United States Naval Acd., 1889, Naval War College, Newport, Rhode Island, 1916.


1 daughter, Adele (wife of S. O. Greig, United States Navy). Ensign, July 1, 1891. Lieutenant junior grade, October 9, 1898.

Lieutenant, March 3, 1899. Lieutenant commander, July 1, 1905. Commander, July 1, 1910.

Captain, August 6, 1915. Temporary grade rear admiral, April 25, 1920. Permanent rear admiral, June 5, 1921.

Was wrecked on Kearsarge, Roncador Reef, February 4, 1894. Served on Nashville, Spanish-American War, 1898. Advanced 5 numbers “for gallantry” at Cienfuegos, Cuba, May 11, 1898.

Duty United States Naval Academy, 1905-1906. Navigator of Iowa, 1906-1907. Executive officer Alabama, 1907-1909.

Inspector machinery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1909-1911. Duty at Naval Station, Cavite, P.I., 1911-1913. Commanded Albany, 1913, Raleigh, 1913-1915.

In charge Division Naval Affairs, Navy Department, 1916-1917. Appointed commander Squadron Four, Patrol Force, Atlantic Fleet, August 1917. Wrecked on Guinevere, west coast of France, January 25, 1918.

Commanded United States Ship Nevada, 1919. Naval attache American Embassy, Paris, 1920-1921. Special duty, 1921; commandant 8th Naval District and Naval Station, New Orleans, Louisiana, December 1921-January 1, 1924.

Commander light cruisers Scouting Fleet, 1924-1926. Commandant 4th Naval District and Navy Yard, Philadelphia, to November 5, 1927. Became commander Base Force of the United States Fleet, August 1929.

Retired from active service. Guarded Army World Flight, Scotland to Boston, 1924. Rescued Italian aviator, Locatelli, near Greenland, August 25, 1924.

Commanded light cruisers on visit of the United States Fleet to Australia, 1925. Commended for gallantry on United States Ship Charleston, at San Francisco, California, May 11, 1890. Presented a gold mounted sword by fellow citizens of Vicksburg, Mississippi, after Spanish-American War.


Married Rose Boush, May 29, 1893.

Lawson William Magruder

Jessie M. (Kilpatrick) Magruder

Rose Boush