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Tokushichi MISHIMA Edit Profile


Tokushichi Mishima was a Japanese metallurgist. He discovered that aluminum restored magnetism to non-magnetic nickel steel. He invented MKM steel, which was an extremely inexpensive magnetic substance that has been used in many applications. It is also closely related to the modern Alnico magnets.


Born in Hyogo Prefecture. Original family name: Kizumi.


Re­turned to his alma mater in 1920 as assistant professor and later concurrent­ly was appointed professor at Naval Staff College in 1923. Was conferred a doctorate, Eng.D.(1928). Earned world-wide fame with his invention of strong magnetic steel (M.K. Steel), made from nickel and alumi­num in 1981.Was sent to Europe for fur­ther studies (1935),and upon return re­joined his alma mater as professor of met­allurgy and alloy science (1938). He was the re­cipient of Imperial Academy award (1938) and Bimka Kunsho (Cultural Order) (1950). Resigned from above university due to age limit (1950) and then was an emeritus professor.


  • works

    • "Metal Ma­terial" "Iron and Steel” and “Carbon Steel.”