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Tsung-Faung Soong Edit Profile

also known as Sung Chun-fang


Mr. Soong was a Chinese official.


Tsung-Faung Soong was born in Wjihsing, Chekiang, China (Zhejiang, China).


He received the degree of Hsiu-Tsai under the Manchu regime at 13. Then he studied English at St. John's University in Shanghai, China. Later Mr. Soong studied social and political science at Geneva University in Switzerland, graduating with M.A. degree.


Tsung-faung Soong was a lecturer on modern languages at St. John's University in 1916-1917. Then he became a professor of French at Tsinghua College in Peking, China in 1918, professor of French literature in the Peking Government University in 1918-1920.

After that he travelled to Europe to study postwar social conditions and literary tendencies in 1920 and there he also served as secretary of the Chinese Delegation to the Peace Conference at Paris.

Mr. Soong became a secretary of the Ministry of Finance in 1922-1923, co-director of the loans-department of the same Ministry, vice-chairman of the tariff investigation commission, director of the Research Department of the Shanghai Commercial and Savings Bank.

He was an author of "Parcourant le Monde en Flammes," "La Literature Chinoise Contemporaine" and "Dramatic Essays". For a time, he also served as editor of several papers in Geneva and China.


  • book

    • "Parcourant le Monde en Flammes"

    • "La Literature Chinoise Contemporaine"

    • "Dramatic Essays"