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Vladimir Kosma Zworykin Edit Profile

business executive.

Vladimir Kosma Zworykin, business executive.


Zworykin, Vladimir Kosma was born on July 30, 1889 in Mourom, Russia. Son of Kosma and Elaine (Zworykin).


Electrical Engineer Petrograd Institute Technology, 1912. Student College de France, Paris, 1912-1914. Doctor of Philosophy, University Pittsburgh, 1926.

Doctor of Science, Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute, 1938, Rutgers University, 1972.


Katherine Polavitsky, November 1951. Came to the United States, 1919, naturalized, 1924. Research with Westinghouse Elec. and Manufacturing Company, 1920-1929.

Director electronic research Radio Corporation of America Manufacturing Company, 1929-1942. Associate, research director Radio Corporation of America laboratories, 1942-1945. Director electronic research, 1946-1954, vice president, technical consultant, 1947-1954, honorary vice president, consultant, from 1954.


  • Other Work

    • Co-author: Photcells and Their Applications, 1932. Television, 1940, review 1954. Electron Optics and the Electron Microscope, 1946.

      Photoelectricity and Its Application, 1949. Television in Science and Industry, 1958. Developer iconoscope, electron microscope, other advances in radio, television and electronics.


Served with Signal Corps. Russian Army, World War I. Named to National Inventors Hall of Fame, 1977. Fellow Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, television Society (England) (honorary), Instituto Internazionale della Communicazoni (Italy) (honorary), American Physical Society, American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Member Society Motion Picture and television Engineers, British Institution Radio Engineers. Member American Philosophical Society, New York Academy Sciences, Electron Microscope Society American, National Academy Engineering (Founders medal 1968), Societe Française des Electroniciens et des Radioelectriciens (honorary), American Academy Arts and Sciences, National Academy Sciences United States of America, French Academy Science, Sigma Xi.


Married Tatiana Vasilieff, April.; married Doctor; children: Nina (deceased), Elaine.

Kosma .

Elaine (Zworykin).

Tatiana Vasilieff


Nina Zworykin (deceased)

Elaine Zworykin