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William Edgar Borah

United States Senator

William Edgar Borah, American senator. member Judiciary Committee and the Education and Labor Committee; Member Rep.


Borah, William Edgar was born on June 29, 1865 in Fairfield, Illinois, United States. Son of William N. and Eliza Borah.


Educated Southern Illinois Academy, Enfield, and University of Kansas.


Admitted to bar, 1889. Practiced at Lyons, Kansas, 1890-1891, Boise, Idaho, since 1891. Received 22 votes (necessary to choice 26) for United States senator from Idaho, January 14, 1903.

Elected United States senator, 6 terms, 1907-1943. Served as chairman Senate Foreign Relations Committee, since 1924, and was member Judiciary Committee and the Education and Labor Committee. Was chairman of the Indian Depredations Committee, the Expenditures in Department of Justice Committee, Interoceanic Canals Committee, and Education and Labor Committee.

Outstanding advocate of Hiram Johnson for president in 1920, and of Herbert Hoover for president in 1928. Opposed entrance of the United States to League of Nations, and “World Court.”.


  • Borah devoted his efforts to international disarmament, the improvement of Latin-American relations, international economic conventions to settle postwar problems, acceptance of the Kellogg-Briand Pact to outlaw war, which the Senate adopted unanimously in 1928, the recognition of the Soviet Union, and the revision of the Versailles Treaty.


Member Judiciary Committee and the Education and Labor Committee. Member Rep.


Spouse Mamie McConnel, April 21, 1895.

William N.

Eliza Borah

Mamie McConnell