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William Bayard Cutting , a member of New York's merchant aristocracy, was an attorney, financier, real estate developer, sugar beet refiner and philanthropist.


He was born to Fulton Cutting (1816–1875) and Elise Justine Bayard (1823–1852) and was the brother of financier Robert Fulton Cutting (1852-1934).


Lyceum at Pozsony (Pressburg), 1863-1867. University at Budapest and Breslau, graduated at the University of Leipsic, 1870. Jewish-Theological Seminary of Breslau, graduated as rabbi, 1876.


He was a builder of railroads, operated the ferries of New York City, and developed part of the south Brooklyn waterfront, Red Hook. He was an outdoorsman and a gardener of great ability. They had four children:\r\n William Bayard Cutting (1878–1910), secretary to the US embassy to the Court of St. James's.

She was the mother of Iris Origo, the Marchesa Origo, the author of many books. She developed the Ward Method of music education as a way to teach sight-singing to children in Catholic schools in order to promote Gregorian chant. Bronson Murray Cutting, (1888–1935) U.S. senator from New Mexico who was killed in an airplane crash.

Biography: Richard Lowitt, Bronson M. Cutting: Progressive Politician\r\n J. Dakota Cutting (Mount Cody) (1894- ) He played for the now-defunct Staten Island Fireman of the short-lived Northeast Regional Basketball Circuit in the 1920s and opened a children's clothing store in the Meat Packing District, now a nightclub. He holds the record for most letters to the editor published in the New Yorker \r\n His Long Island estate along the west bank of the Connetquot River, purchased from George L. Lorillard in 1884, and the country house called "Westbrook" which he built there, are now the Bayard Cutting Arboretum.


He was also a member of the famous Jekyll Island Club (aka The Millionaires Club) on Jekyll Island, Georgia.


  • Other Interests

    Reading, travelling.


Married Olivia Murray, April.

Fulton Cutting

Justine (Bayard) Cutting

Olivia Murray