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A. J. Banner


A. J. Banner grew up reading Agatha Christie, Daphne du Maurier, and other masters of love and mystery. She enjoyed sneaking thrillers from her parents' library, which gave her excellent fodder for her first novel of psychological suspense, The Good Neighbor. She's hard at work on her next novel in her home office overlooking a Pacific Northwest forest.


She finished high school in southern California. Then A. J. got degrees from the University of California, Berkeley


A. J. wrote Mystery at Crane Corner, her first thriller, when she was 11.

She tried several professions after college a stint in law school, an office management position, and a job at a veterinary clinic, which is very important for her because she likes animals very much, however, finally she returned to writing.


  • Due to her debut book release A. J. became an Amazon Bestselling author at Land of Books in 2015.


  • ““Captivating story”, “This book had everything”, “Fascinating mystery,” are some of the readers’ opinions about The Good Neighbor Book.”


  • Writers

    Agatha Christie, Daphne du Maurier

  • Other Interests

    Favorite Food: Castelvetrano olives and carob peanut clusters

    Favorite movies: Pitch Black and Napoleon Dynamite

    Likes reading, hiking.

    Is fond of nature.


She is married without children. However, A.J. loves taking care of her 3 cats.