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Aavo Nikolaevich Pikkuus

bicycle racer

Aavo Pikkuus is a retired Estonian cyclist.


Pikkuus, Aavo was born on November 23, 1954 in the village of Kapera, near Tartu, Estonia.


In 1975 he finished third at the multistage Peace Race. He retired from cycling in 1981 and for a few years successfully competed in auto rally. Later he owned a car shop, which burned down in the 1990s.

In 2001 he was awarded the Order of the Estonian Red Cross.


  • He was part of the Soviet team that won the 100 km team time trial at the 1976 Summer Olympics and 1977 UCI Road World Championships and finished second at the world championships in 1975 and 1978. Between 1974 and 1977 Pikkuus won four national (Soviet) titles in the road race. He won that race in 1977 individually and in 1975 and 1977–1979 in the team competition.

    In 1977 he was leading the race from start to finish. He won the Circuit de la Sarthe in 1977 and Giro delle Regione in 1978.


Pikkuus is an honorary member of the Estonian Olympic Committee and was named Estonian Sportspersonality of the year five times (1974–1978).