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Abbas Abdullah HADDAWY

director , general

Abbas Abdullah HADDAWY, Director-General of Youth Welfare, Ministry of Education.


HADDAWY, Abbas Abdullah was born in 1925 in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.


Diploma of Higher Institute of Physical Education.


Teacher; Inspector; Assistant Director-General of Youth Welfare. International Commissioner, Saudi Arabian Boy Scouts Association. Member of Arab Scouts Committee.

Attended International Boy Scouts Conferences in Greece, Mexico, Japan, Morocco, Libya, Algeria, Lebanon. Chairman of Saudi Delegation to Arab Sporting Tournaments held in Morocco, Kuwait, Lebanon, Egypt. Director-General of Youth Welfare, Ministry of Education.


The whole principle of God's will is to bring about compassion, kindness, generosity, justice, fair play, tolerance, and care in general, as opposed to tyranny, cruelty, selfishness, exploitation.