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Abdul Qoddus Al Qasim AL-ANSARY

editor-in-chief , owner , major

Abdul Qoddus Al Qasim AL-ANSARY, major man of letters; Owner, Editor-in-Chief, Al Manhal magazine. Gold Medal (Literary Pioneer) awarded by King Abdulaziz University 1974.


AL-ANSARY, Abdul Qoddus Al Qasim was born in 1906 in Medina, Saudi Arabia.


Received general education and later self-educated in Arabic and Islamic religion at the Prophet’s Mosque, Medina.


Clerk, Al Madina Al Munawwarah Governorate. Editor-in-Chief of Ommul Qora (official Government Bulletin). Director of Regulations and Projects Department, Viceroy’s Cabinet, Mecca.

Director of Financial Affairs Department. Adviser, same Cabinet. Member of Education Council, Mecca.

Director of Statistical Department. Chairman of Committee on the Unification of Medical Terminology, Mecca. Attended First Conference of Saudi Men of Letters, Okaz Literary Festival Conference, Riyadh.

Major man of letters. Owner, Editor-in-Chief, Al Manhal magazine.


  • Fourteen books, including Atharul Madinatil Munawwarah (The Monuments of Medina), Tareekh Madinatat Jiddah (History of the City of Jeddah), Islahat Fi Loghatil Kitabati Wal Adab (Reforms in the Language of Writing and Literature), Tareekhul Einel Aziziah (History of Al Aziziah Spring).


A true Islamic government should not take other territories for economic gain.


  • Other Interests

    Reading, walking, travel.