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Abdul Rahman Abdul Aziz AL-HAMDAN

Director-General , Minister of Education Bureau

Abdul Rahman Abdul Aziz AL-HAMDAN, Director-General, Minister of Education Bureau.


AL-HAMDAN, Abdul Rahman Abdul Aziz was born in 1934 in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.


Bachelor of Arts (Geography).


Clerk, Director Public Education Bureau. Secretary, Professional Inspectorate. Director of Bureau, Undersecretary of State, Ministry of Education.

Secretary, Supreme Council for Arts and Science. Former Chairman of Board of A1 Hilal Sporting Club, Riyadh. Member of Saudi Football Federation.

Attended Conference of Arab Ministers of Education, Tripoli (Libya), Cairo, Morocco, Baghdad. Director-General, Minister of Education Bureau.


  • Collection of poems (under publication).


God set for each soul a time on earth so that He might judge them.


  • Other Interests

    Football, swimming.