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Abdulaziz Mohamad Eisa TASHKANDY

director , surgeon

Abdulaziz Mohamad Eisa TASHKANDY, Eye Surgeon and Director of the Nasseriya Eye Hospital.


TASHKANDY, Abdulaziz Mohamad Eisa was born in 1926 in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.


Educated Cairo, M.B., CH.B. 1958. Alexandria, D.O.M.S. 1964. U.K. post-graduate studies for F.R.C.S., Birmingham.

U.K. postgraduate studies for Master of Science. D.O.M.S. Barraquer Institute, Spain.


Eye Surgeon and Director of the Eye Hospital in Jeddah 1960, Mecca 1960, Riyadh 1970. Medical Officer, Cairo University Hospital, Moorfields Eye Hospital and others in the United Kingdom. Owns private clinics in Saudi Arabia.

External examiner in the Riyadh Faculty of Medicine. Member of Egyptian Medical Association 1958, Egyptian Ophthalmic Committee 1958, Oxford Ophthalmic Congress 1966. Member of the Barraquer Institute 1975.

Appointed by the Ministry of Health to supervise and improve eye services in Saudi hospitals, undertaking research into operations by unqualified doctors for trichiasis and cataract in some rural districts. Eye Surgeon and Director of the Nasseriya Eye Hospital.


  • Several scientific articles and lectures. Radio and television interviews. A book on eye diseases (not yet published).


The ultimate worth of actions is based on intention and sincerity.


  • Other Interests

    Swimming, reading, gardening.