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Abdullah II bin Al-Husseinis Edit Profile


Abdullah II bin Al-Husseinis the king of Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan since 1999. He managed to do the most important things: he improved the relations in the Arab world especially with Iran. The establishment of Jordan progressive technological and industrial center has already begun.His personal interest in new technologies and technical equipment made this happen. He tries to solve all the problems of the state technologically.


Ethnicity: Abdullah was born in Amman to King Hussein during his marriage to British-born Princess Muna al-Hussein (born Antoinette Avril Gardiner).


At Oxford University he specialized in problems of the Middle East, at the courses for the officers of the British troops.


He follows the policy that was announced by his father: the creation of a strong and emerging state


  • Sport & Clubs

    scuba diving,parachuting

  • Other Interests

    The king of Jordan is an enthusiast.. When he was younger he even was a winner of theJordanian National Rally Racing Champion. Al-Hussein knows a lot about arm and collects vintage patternshappily. He concedes George Bush his personal friend. According to some sources the king controls the company which specializes in the military sales.