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Adm. James David Watkins Edit Profile

Government official , naval officer

James David Watkins, American Government official, naval officer. Decorated Distinguished Service Medal with 1 gold star, Legion of Merit with 2 gold stars, Bronze Star medal with Combat V; recipient Distinguished Alumni award Naval Postgraduate School, 1958, Chairman's award American Association Engineering Socs., 1991. Member of the United States Naval Academy Alumni Association.


WATKINS, Adm. James David was born on March 7, 1927 in Alhambra, California, United States. Son of Edward Francis and Louise Whipple (nee Ward) Watkins.


Bachelor of Science, United States Naval Academy, 1949. Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Navy Postgraduate School, 1958. Doctor of Humane Letters (honorary), Marymount College, 1982.

Doctor of Humane Letters (honorary), New York Medical College, 1988. Doctor of Science (honorary), Dowling College, 1983. Doctor of Science (honorary), University Alabama, 1991.

Doctor of Laws (honorary), Catholic University America, 1985. Doctor of Laws (honorary), Mount Sinai School Medicine, 1993. Doctor of Laws (honorary), California University Pennsylvania, 1994.

Doctor of Science (honorary), College William and Mary, 1999. Doctor of Science (honorary), Oregon State University, 1999.


Commissioned ensign, United States Navy, 1949;advanced through grades to admiral, United States Navy, 1979;commanding officer United States Ship Snook, United States Navy, 1964-1966;Executive officer United States Ship Long Beach, United States Navy, 1967-1969;head submarine/nuclear power distribution control branch, Bureau Naval Pers., Department Navy, Washington, 1969-1971;director enlisted personnel division, Bureau Naval Pers., Department Navy, Washington, 1971-1972;assistant chief of naval personnel for enlisted personnel control, Bureau Naval Personnel, Department Navy, Washington, 1972-1973;commander Cruiser-Destroyer Group 1, United States Navy, 1973-1975;deputy chief naval operations manpower, Navy Department, Washington, 1975-1978;chief of naval personnel, Navy Department, Washington, 1975-1978;chief Bureau Naval Pers., Navy Department, Washington, 1975-1978;commander United States Sixth Fleet, United States Navy, 1978-1979;vice chief naval operations, Navy Department, 1979-1981;commander-in-chief United States Pacific Fleet, Navy Department, 1981-1982;chief naval operations, Navy Department, 1982-1986;chairman, Presidential Commision on Human Immunodeficiency Virus Epidemic, 1987-1988;secretary, Department of Energy, Washington, 1989-1993;president, Joint Oceanographic Institution, since 1993;president, Consortium for Oceanographic Research and Education, since 1993.


Chairman Presidentially Appointed Commission Ocean Policy, 2001—2004. Co-chair Joint Ocean Commission Initiative, 2004—2007. Member of The Army Navy Country Club, The Alfalfa Club, Knights of Malta.


Married Sheila Jo McKinney, August 19, 1950 (deceased September 1996). Married Janet L. McDonough, June 17, 2000. Children: Katherine Marie, Laura Jo, Charles Lancaster, Susan Elizabeth, James David, Edward Francisstepchildren: John Christopher McDonough, Sean Charles McDonough, Robert Edward McDonough, Siobhan McDonough.

Edward Francis Watkins

Louise Whipple (Ward) Watkins

Sheila Jo McKinney

Janet L. McDonough

Katherine Marie Watkins

Laura Jo Watkins

Charles Lancaster Watkins

Susan Elizabeth Watkins

James David Watkins

Edward Francisstepchildren: John Christopher McDonough Watkins

Sean Charles McDonough Watkins

Robert Edward McDonough Watkins

Siobhan McDonough Watkins