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Afanasiy Pavlantevich BELOBORODOV

general , minister , colonel

Afanasiy BELOBORODOV, Colonel- General; Chief, Main Personnel Board, USSR Minister of Defense, since 1959. several Order of Lenin; Order of Red Banner; other orders; medals; Hero of Soviet Union. Member, Communist Party, since 1926.


Late 1920's graduated Frunze Military Academy.


1941 in battle of Moscow his division stormed and took Istra. 1944 his 43rd Army helped breack German lines west of Vitebsk, crossed the Dvina and encircled 5 German division. 1945 on Third Belarusian Front completed assault on Koenigsberg.

Deputy, USSR Supreme Soviet of 1950 and 1954 convocation. Deputy, Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic Supreme Soviet of 1959 convocation. Delegation at 1956 Communist Party of the Soviet Union Congress.

Late 1930's, division commander. 1941-1944 division, then corps commander. 1944-1945 Commander, 43rd Army.

1945 commanded an army in Manchuria. 1946-1955 commanded special group of Soviet troops in Port Arthur. 1956-1959 Commander, Voronezh Military District.


Member, Communist Party, since 1926.


Member, Communist Party, since 1926.