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LACANLALE, AGERICO O. was born on April 25, 1949 in Manila, Philippines.


University of the Philippines, 1965-1969, Bachelor of Science Foreign Serv. Occidental College, United States of America, 1970-1972, Master of Arts Dipl & World Affairs. University of Denver, United States of America, 1972-1975, Master of Arts Economic, 1972-1976, Doctor of Philosophy International Studies.

University of Michigan, United States of America, 1980, Postdoctoral Studies. Spoken languages: English, Pilipino.


Special Assistant to Director-General, United Nations Industrial Development Organization. Executive Officer/Director of International Affairs Office, Office of Prime Minister, Philippines, 1981-1985. Deputy Executive Director, Presidential Management Staff, Office of President, Philippines, 1983-1985.

Senior Foreign Affairs Advisor, Department of Foreign Affairs, Philippines, 1984-1985. Assistant Professor, Asian Center, University of the Philippines, 1976-1987. Assistant Director, Foreign Service Institute, Department of Foreign Affairs, 1979-1981.

Senior Executive Assistant, Office of the Chancellor, Philippine Center for Advanced Studies, University of the Philippines, 1977-1979.


Spouse Linglingay Fonacier, National of Philippines.

Linglingay Fonacier