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Ahmed Ibrahim BOU-BOSHAIT Edit Profile

assistant , President

Ahmed Ibrahim BOU-BOSHAIT, Assistant Vice-President (Finance), Saudia-Saudi Arabian Airlines Corporation.


BOU-BOSHAIT, Ahmed Ibrahim was born in 1939 in Al-Ihsaa, Saudi Arabia.


Master of Business Administration (Accounting and Business Administration).


Training Executive, Aramco 1954-1968. Instructor of Accounting and Financial Affairs, Institute of Public Administration 1968-1970, Budgeting Expert 1972-1974. Member of Board of Scholarships, Ministry of Education 1972.

Member of American Accounting Association, Chartered Auditors Association, American National Accounting Association. Assistant Vice-President (Finance), Saudia-Saudi Arabian Airlines Corporation.


  • Other Work

    • Co-author of textbook on Mathematics for the anti-illiteracy campaign in Saudi Arabia. Management of Objectives. Principles of Accounting.

      Financial Mathematics (under publication).


The spiritual life means a realization of faith and a perfection of Muslim practice. It is to seek the water that gives life to minds and souls looking for meaning.


  • Other Interests

    Literacy and reading classical poetry.