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Ahmed Mohamad AL-ARABY


Ahmed Mohamad AL-ARABY, Honourable member of Shura (Supreme Advisory) Council. Medal of First Conference of Saudi Men of Letters from King Abdulaziz University.


AL-ARABY, Ahmed Mohamad was born in 1905 in Medina, Saudi Arabia.


Higher Diploma of Dar-el-Ulum (Arabic Literature and Civilization), Cairo University.


Teacher, Saudi Religious Institute, Mecca 1931-1933. Teacher, Arabic School in Jakarta, Indonesia 1933. Director of Princes School, Riyadh 1933-1936.

Director of pre-scholarships school and member of Educational Council 1937-1953. Member of Shura Council 1953-1959. Director-General of Waqfs (Endowments) 1959-1965.

Member of Shura Council since 1965. Chairman of Committee for the Eradication of Illiteracy 1950-1960. Chairman Charitable First Aid Society until its conversion in 1964 into the Red Crescent Society.

Chairman, Supreme Council of Waqfs (Endowments). Member of several official Saudi delegations. Chairman of Founding Committee for Aramco School of Workers.

Honourable member of Shura (Supreme Advisory) Council.


  • Several primary school textbooks. Several public lectures and radio talks.


Throughout human history, God has sent prophets to people in different parts of the world. He guided them to choose the path that would lead people to happiness in this world and the one to follow.


  • Other Interests

    Reading and writing poetry.