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Ahmed Mohamad AL-SEBAIE

major journalist , man of letters and historian

Ahmed Mohamad AL-SEBAIE, major journalist, man of letters and historian.


AL-SEBAIE, Ahmed Mohamad was born in 1905.


Former schoolmaster; Editor Sawtul Hijaz (voice of Hijaz) daily newspaper. Secretary-General of several charitable organizations. Inspector, Department of Finance.

Founder and Editor Al Nadwah daily newspaper. Founder and Editor, Quraish magazine. Secretary of Society for the Defence of Palestine 1939.

Attended Arab Men of Letters Conference, Kuwait 1971, First Saudi Men of Letters Conference, King Abdulaziz University. Contributed to the literary movement in Saudi Arabia. Major journalist, man of letters and historian.


  • Tarikh Макка (History of Mecca) and several other books

  • stories.


God set for each soul a time on earth so that He might judge them.


  • Other Interests