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Ainslie Dixon Meares Edit Profile

Psychiatrist , psychotherapist , scholar , authority on stress

He was a worldwide renowned authority in the medical uses of hypnotism. Ainslie Meares wrote several books describing his methodology.


He was educated at Melbourne Grammar School and at the University of Melbourne. He graduated with a Bachelor of Agricultural Science degree (1934) and a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery degree (1940). In 1947 he received a Diploma in Psychiatric Medicine in London. He was awarded the degree of Doctor of Medicine by the University of Melbourne (1958).


Ainslie Meares was very much interested in the Meditation Practices of Hindus and Buddhists since he visited Nepal in 1960. He dedicated his research to learning Eastern methodologies to gain control of pain and calmness of mind. In Nepal he spent his time with an accomplished yogi who taught Meares. A witiness to the conversation with the yogi recounts that Meares told the yogi about how he used meditation to help his patients.


  • Foundation fellow 1963

    Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists

  • President 1961-1963

    International Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis