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Alan T. Powell Edit Profile

Alan T. Powell, state legislator.


Powell, Alan T. was born on November 10, 1951.


Former chairman Hart County Commission. Former state representative Dist.23 Georgia. Former vice chairman Motor Vehicles Committee.

State representative Dist.13, 1991—1992. State representative District 29 Georgia, since 2004. Businessman & consultant.


God never intended nor desired for a single person to go to Hell. Sin caused a separation between God and man, and that Jesus’ death on the cross is the only bridge to cross from death to life. This bridge, however, is accessible by anyone at anytime.


As a people whose forbears came together in response to intolerance, Baptistsshould cherish freedom and pursue it for millions around the world.


The family has its own complex identity as a small community of covenant love and trust.


Married Bonnie Powell. Children: Beau, Gabriel.