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Albert Montgomery Dupuy Mccormick Edit Profile

Naval officer

Albert Montgomery Dupuy Mccormick, American naval officer. Awarded Sampson medal, Spanish campaign medal, Victory medal with silver star for meritorious conduct during World War; Order of the Busto del Libertado conferred by the Governor of Venezuela. Served on Panther and ashore at Guantanamo, Spanish-American War, 1898; Fellow American College Surgeons.


Mccormick, Albert Montgomery Dupuy was born on March 27, 1866 in Berryville, Virginia, United States. Son of Edward and Ellen Lane Jett (Virginia) M.


Preparatory education Potomac Academy, Alexandria, Virginia. Doctor of Medicine, University Maryland, 1888.


Appointed assistant surgeon, rank ensign, July 23, 1888. Promoted through grades to rear admiral (temporary), July 1, 1918. Permanent rank of rear admiral, January 1, 1921.


Served on Panther and ashore at Guantanamo, Spanish-American War, 1898. Fellow American College Surgeons.


Married Edith Lynde Abbot, October 25, 1894. Children: Lynde Dupuy, Mistress Edith Beardall, Mistress Cora Clark, Ellen Jett.

Edward M.

Ellen Lane Jett (Virginia) M.

Edith Lynde Abbot

Lynde Dupuy Mccormick

Mistress Edith Beardall Mccormick

Ellen Jett Mccormick

Mistress Cora Clark Mccormick