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Aleksandr Ilich BEZYMENSKY

writer , Russ

Aleksandr BEZYMENSKY, Russ, writer. Member, Communist Party, since 1916.


BEZYMENSKY, Aleksandr was born in 1898 in Zhitomir.


Graduated Kiev Commercial Institute.


After the Revolution became a lecturer in the rudiments of political knowledge at Vladimir and Kazan. 1919-1920 Communist Youth League member. Since 1922 active in establishing proletarian literature on the Party primacy principle, i. e., the “napostovtsy” movement centered around the journal “Na postu” (On Duty).

1925 helped organize 1st All-Union Congress of Proletarian Writers. Took part in writers’ brigades which journeyed out to industrial enterprises and major construction sites, especially “Dneprostroy”, to boost work efficiency.


Member, Communist Party, since 1916.


Member, Communist Party, since 1916.