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Aleksandr Yefremovich BOGOMOLOV


Aleksandr BOGOMOLOV, USSR Dipl, with rank of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary. Counselor, USSR Minister of Foreign Affairs, since 1957. Order of Lenin; Order of Patriotic War, Class I.


BOGOMOLOV, Aleksandr was born in 1900.


Graduated Higher Military Pedagogical School.


1945 founded Society of Soviet Patriots in France. 1946 member, USSR delegation at 3rd session of United Nations General Assembly. 1948 headed Soviet delegation at United Nations International Conference on Freedom of the Press and Information, Geneva.

1919-1930 in Red Army. 1930-1938 pedagogics work. 1939-1940 Secretary-General, later Head, 1st Western Department (France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg and Italy), USSR Popular Commissariat of Foreign Affairs.

1940-1941 Counselor to USSR Plenipotentiary Representative in France, later himself USSR Plenipotentiary Representative in France. 1941-1943 USSR Ambassador to Great Britain. Later USSR Plenipotentiary Representative at French Committee National Liberation in Africa.

1944-1950 USSR Ambassador to France. 1950-1952 USSR Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs. 1952-1954 USSR Ambassador to Czechoslovakia.

1954-1957 USSR Ambassador to Italy.