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Aleksandr Petrovich DMITROCHENKO

Stock-raising specialist

Aleksandr DMITROCHENKO, USSR Stock-raising specialist. Doctor of Biological Science since 1946; Professor 1934; instructor, Leningrad Agriculture Institute and Leningrad Veterinary Institute, since 1947.


DMITROCHENKO, Aleksandr was born in 1901 in village Ulla, Belarusian.


Graduated Stebuti Agriculture Institute, Petrograd, and Leningrad Polytechn. Institute.


Since 1918 laboratory technician, Experimental Station, Stebuti Agriculture Institute. In 1920's and 1930's assisted major research on animal metabolism and energy. Has done science and pedagogics work at Leningrad Agriculture Pedagogical Institute and Zootechn.

Institute; main works deal with: nutritive value of fodders in relation to energy. Evaluation of the full nutritive value of fodder.