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Aleksandr Yevgenevich GOLOVANOV


Aleksandr GOLOVANOV, USSR Chief Marshal of Soviet Air Force; Marshal since 1943. 13 orders; medals.


GOLOVANOV, Aleksandr was born in 1903.


1927-1930 at a Civil Air Fleet pilots’ school.


1918-1921 fought in Civil War. 1921-1927 platoon and company commander and chief of a courier section in CHEKA and United State Political Administration organs. 1931-1934 pilot entrusted with special assignments.

1934-1935 piloted aircraft used by members of Central Committee, Soviet of Popular Commissar and Central Executive Committee. 1935-1936 commanded special aircraft detachment for use of concentration camp admin, in North-East Siberia. 1937 captained aircraft used to transport eminent Party and government officials placed under arrest.

1938-1941 Deputy Head, later Head, Mobilization Department, Main Board of Civil Air Fleet. 1941-1942 commander, special long-range bomber regiment, later reorganized as 4th Long-range Air Force Guards Division. 1953 removed from this post.