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Aleksandr Alekseevich Gorskii


Aleksandr Gorskii, USSR Choreographer.


Gorskii, Aleksandr was born on August 18, 1871 in Petersburg.


In 1889, graduated from the Petersburg Theatre School. A pupil of P. Karsavin and M. Petipa. Dancer at the Mariinskii Theatre, 1889-1900.

From 1901, a choreographer. From 1902 until his death, chief choreographer at the Bolshoi Theatre. Revived the ballets of his tutor, Petipa.

Invited talented artists such as K. Korovin to work for the Bolshoi. Created his own original ballets: Dock' Guduly, 1902, Salambo, 1910, and Liubov’ Bystra, 1913. Influenced a generation of dancers, including T. Karsavina, A. Messerer, M. Gabovich, A. Abramova and L. Bank.