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Aleksandr Yevseevicb KAPLYANSKY

electronic engineer

Aleksandr KAPLYANSKY, USSR Electronic engineer. Doctor of Technology Science since 1938; Professor, Leningrad Air Force Engineering Academy, since 1930.


KAPLYANSKY, Aleksandr was born in 1898.


1925 graduated Leningrad Electrotechn. Institute.


1925-1932 at “Krasnaya nit” (Red Thread) Plant. Then testing engineer. Later worked at Leningrad “Elektrosila” Plant, where he designed new power supply system for the plant itself and for a number of testing stations.

1925 began research and pedagogics work at Leningrad Electrotechn. Institute; instructor and Head, Chair of the Theoretical Principles of Electronic Engineering, Leningrad higher education institutions, including the Electrotechn. Institute of Communications Engineering, the Institute of Rail Transport Engineering and the Institute of Water Transport Engineering.

Author of many inventions in various fields of electrical engineer. Many of his works deal with theory of circuits and electromech. analogies. 1958 initiated and organized AllUnion Science Methods Conference on the Theoretical Principles of Electronic Engineering.