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Aleksandr Aleksandrovich KORCHAGIN

Geography botanist

Aleksandr KORCHAGIN, USSR Geography botanist. Plant ecologist; bryologist; Doctor of Geography Science since 1940; Doctor of Biological Science since 1941; Professor, Leningrad University, since 1941.


KORCHAGIN, Aleksandr was born in 1900 in Vitebsk.


1923 graduated Forestry Faculty, Petrovsky (now Timiryazev) Agriculture Academy, Moscow. 1925 graduated Leningrad Forestry Institute. 1930-1931 postgrad, student, Economics-Geography Institute, Leningrad University.

1931-1932 postgrad, student, Botanical Museum, USSR Academy of Science.


1931-1934 Assistant, Chair of Geobotany, Leningrad University. 1931-1936 Dean, Biological Faculty, Correspondence Instruction Section, Leningrad University. 193438 lecturer, Chair of Plant Systematics, Leningrad University.

Since 1941 Head, Chair of Botanical Geography, Geography Faculty, Leningrad University. During 1920's and 1930's accompanied following expeditions: 1926 expedition of Russia Botanical Society. 1927 expedition of Moscow Naturalists’ Society and Syullivan Bryological Society.

1935 expedition of Geography Society. 1936 expedition of Leningrad Naturalists’ Society. In 1940’s was Professor, Chair of Physical Geography, Pedagogical Institute.