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Aleksandr Samoylovich MAMOLAT


Aleksandr MAMOLAT, USSR Phthisiologist. Lecturer; Candidate of Medical Science; Director, Ukrainia Yanovsky Research Institute of Tuberculosis, since 1936; Chief Phthisiologist, Ukrainia Ministry of Health; Honorary Physician of Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. Order of Red Banner of Labor, 1961; other orders; medals.


MAMOLAT, Aleksandr was born in 1910.


1930 graduated Uman Medicine Technicum. 1936 graduated Kiev Medicine Institute.


Chairman, Ukrainia Society of Phthisiologists. Organizes campaign against tuberculosis in Ukrainia. Founded pneumotherax centers in rural medical distr. and village tuberculosis hospitals and outpatients’ deputy.

Arranged duties of regional phthisiologists. Organized general vaccination of children, juveniles and adults uninfected by tuberculosis. Organized BCG double-dosage vaccination of new-born children.

Member, Editor Board, journal "Vrachebnoe delo” (Medical Affairs). Member, Editor Council, journal “Problemy tuberkuleza” (Problems of Tuberculosis). Since 1957 Deputy Chairman, All-Union Society of Phthisiologists.

Chairman, Problem Commission on Tuberculosis, Ukrainia Ministry of Health. Deputy, Kiev City Soviet. Deputy Chairman, Permanent Health Commission, Kiev City Soviet.

1930-1931 medical orderly, Outpatients’ Clinic, Olkhovatka Sugar Plant, Kiev Oblast. 1936-1940 Director, Ukrainia Yanovsky Research Institute of Tuberculosis. 1940-1941 senior doctor, Communist Youth League ski batallion on the Finnish Front.

1941-1945 military doctor in Soviet Army. Since 1946 again Director, Ukrainia Research Institute of Tuberculosis, Kiev.