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Aleksandr Petrovich Svobodin

author , Literary and film critic

Aleksandr Svobodin, USSR Literary and film critic,author.


Svobodin, Aleksandr was born in 1925 in Moscow. Son of Pierre Liberte (pseudonym), a worker in the Comintern.


Graduated from Moscow University.


His mother worked in Lenin’s Secretariat. Prominent literary critic. Appeared in print in the early 1960s.

Member of the writers and film-makers’ unions. Founder and member of the Board of the Union of Theatre Workers. Talked about glasnost and changes in all spheres of life in the USSR at the Soviet Playwrights Symposium in London, May 1988. Works: Teatral’nye Povesti, 1964.

Teatral'naia PloshchacT, 1981. Mikhail Ul’ianov, 1988. Narodovol'tsy, a play.

And Nas Venchali Ne v Tserkvi (filmed by B. Tokarev). Also madeover 20 30-minute TV films about actors.