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Aleksei Denisovich Dikii

actor , director

Aleksei Dikii, USSR Actor, director.


Dikii, Aleksei was born in 1889.


In 1909 studied under S. V. Khaliutina. Entered the film industry in 1919. Leading actor at MKHAT in the 1920s.

In 1931, founded and headed the Dikii Studio. Worked in the Vakhtangov, Malyi and Drama Theatres. In 1936 his theatre studio was closed and he was sent for a short time to the Gulag.

Became a rival to Gelovani in his portrayals of Stalin, Tretii Ildar, 1948, and Stalingradskaia Bitva, 1949. Stalin liked both films, and rewarded him accordingly with Stalin Prizes.